Rob Reynolds & Letha Wulf

For the past 20 years, Robert M. Reynolds and Letha Gibbs Wulf have partnered to produce the highest caliber of graphic design and photography. In their expert hands, layout, photographic imagery, typography, and illustration are deftly used to create elegant and effective design. The final product is the visual equivalent to a musical score, using cadence and contrast in the fine art of graphic design. Reynolds Wulf has been recognized with numerous regional and national awards for design and photography. Their always visually compelling commissions have ranged from corporate histories to long-term institutional identity programs, from intimate coverage of one significant building to expansive outdoor subjects. Reynolds is the photographer for the majority of their design projects.

Equal to their skills is their commitment to the client. Their extraordinary degree of client loyalty is proof that Reynolds Wulf consistently meet their client's needs on time, within budget, and with creativity and craftsmanship

Photography & Graphic Design

The majority of the books and graphic design projects on this site represent Reynolds' photographic work. Considerations for photography are evaluated at the conceptual phase of the design process to determine the strongest and best method to illustrate the client's vision. Reynolds Wulf values the blending of photographic imagery with spread layout for cohesive, or contrasting visuals.

Clarity is the highest priority in the design process. Reynolds Wulf sees it as their job to visually communicate and promote the client's message. The designers know that the text is meant to be read, and they carefully consider font, scale, letter-spacing, and proportion to promote readership. To Reynolds Wulf, typography is fine art and craft and, when used with photography or illustration, the design becomes more than just an arrangement on the page. Finally, extreme care is given to the printing process by working closely with press and press personnel. Each stage of the design process is given equal importance.